Sunday, August 14, 2011

Words Can't Express

I love you
I need to be by your side
these things I know.
I love you
More than the desert loves
the rain.
I love you
more than the beauty of
dew of grass.
I love you
more than I love
I love you
more than
words can express.
So, why can't you love


Staring into each other's eyes
you feel awkward.
I want one thing.
I want to lean in,
peck you on the lips,
and act like it never happened.
Because it'd be meaningless
to you.
I stared into I.M.'s eyes today. It made my heart leap.

You Need It

You know you need it when
your body shakes,
it's all your mind thinks about,
every inch of you aches for something, something...
You need it and
no one can give you
Well, maybe someone.
Just remember, angel,
when you think of me tonight,
I love you
so much I think I need
your love.
Alex Notes:
I spent the better part of three days with I.M. and feel like I'm craving to be around her. It hasn't even been a day.