Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just an illness

She's up all night, by his side as the sickness courses through him. Every once in a while, he'll twitch. In pain? In a dream? She's not sure which. When he's awake for even a little bit, she walks out, swearing she'll be right back, and brings him some tea. Whether he minds that it's cold now or not he doesn't sad, just allows her to read aloud the part of the book where they left off. Once he's fallen asleep again, she places the book on the side table, rises, and fills the cup up with warm tea. Then, she resumes her spot beside him. While others would find it strange that she takes care of this man who appeared in her room, she sees it as completely natural.
"Oh, so you're awake again. Let me get you some more tea." She stops when he shakes his head. It seems as though he's looking longingly at her sketchbook. "Oh! You want to draw? Alright!" Smiling, she picks up the sketch book and color pencils. As each one is sharpened, he switches what color he's using to make his creation. When all twelve are sharpened, she curls up beside him. "Can you wake me when you're done?" He nods, a smile resting very slightly on his lips.
When the gentle nudge hits her, those pale brown eyes fly open. "Yes?" Smiling, he points at the drawing...and staring her in the face is the one thing she hasn't used since high school, an Ouija Board. "You made this?" He smirks, sliding the pointer to the yes. "Have you been here the whole time?" Slowly, almost timidly, he slides it over to the S, then quicker to the I, biting his lip for a moment makes him seem like he was thinking and then it moves to the N, then C and finally E. "Since?" Finally, with the motions of a sigh, he moves it to the 1 and then the 4. "Since I was forteen?" He nods, sliding it over the YES. "I know you." Quickly he spells out AND I KNOW YOU. "You caused me nightmares...but you can't make sound. That explains a lot." Another nod and a slight roll of his eyes are the only reply she gets.
She jumps awake, glances at the corner above her bed, and then at her friend beside her. "I dreamed about it!" Screams rip through her throat, her mouth as she shakes the person beside her awake.
"You mean IT it?"
"Yeah. He was terrifying." Smiling she glances at the room around her. "A real beast of Hell."

Note from Alex:
So, this is based on the whole thought that my room is home to a demon. I don't mean to offend anyone. I actually wrote most of this in my room.
I've never had dreams like this and I rarely have nightmares. This room just makes me feel watched. Haha.
OH! And this one is complete. I wanted to make the whole "illness" thing its own story, but not with me or the thing in my room. Maybe a different cast of characters.

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