Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Life, and Death, Of Donkers

Donkers, my co-pilot, looks over at me with those sparkly green eyes. There's no white to his eyes, just color with black in the middle. The blue and purple, rough hand on the control twitches slightly and we're flying toward a foreign planet with strange ways and stranger people. The people giggle when they see our ship. The air even tastes different here. It seems to have a purple-ish tint to it.
The people seem to drift away from us. All them except a group in what look like suits do. Even Donkers is acting strangely already. "Wow..." He whispers, hang on me. "Look at those cars." The cars above us zip by, faster than anything we had seen on our home planet. "I wanna try one." Tiny, pointed teeth sink their way into my ear, over and over, as he nibbles on it.
"Donkers," I say, "we have work to do." Shaking his head, he climbs into one of the blue vehicles. After a few minutes, he flicks it on. A man in a suit comes up to me, and, while watching Donkers start the car, introduces himself as Yu. Finally, Donkers is off, zipping through the air. We follow on the ground as quickly as we can. Yu tells me some interesting things about the planet, like that the air wasn't always so thick.
And then it happens.
Donkers in laughing because he's flying faster now than ever before. He's in a race with a man in a silver vehicle and is actually winning. Then CRASH the cars on the ground. Donkers is inside, screaming "Help, help me!" as the vehicle bursts into flames. Yu holds me back, shaking his head.
"You'll only get killed yourself if you try to help him." Soon, though, the screams just become those of pain, suffering. My stomach clenches and I'm bent over, actually puking. It's enough to block out the sounds of Donkers screeching. When I glance up, there's a smirk on Yu's face, as though he saw this all coming and it pleased him.

Alex's comments:
Soo, I got a book to help writing. The first prompt in there is that you're on a mission. I needed a name, so I flipped open my baby name book and used the first one I founds. Donkers.

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