Sunday, September 16, 2012

Break from Studying

Lawrence stares at Nicholas, as though begging him to not share some horrible secret. "Is there anything you're hiding?" Asking again makes Chloe even more mad. She's not used to nobodies not answering her questions on the spot.
"Never, Miss Chloe, would I hide anything from you. Lawrence and I have a wonderful relationship." Nicholas smiles, easily lying to her face. Mentally, Lawrence lets out a sigh of relief. If Chloe really knew he would be branded as such a freak and have to move...again. His friend, Andrew, would have to have all memories of Lawrence removed and replaced with someone who wasn't anything like Lawrence. The thought alone almost made him nauseous.
"You lie all the time, Nicholas. I don't believe that you guys are even dating."
"Dear GOD, you're annoying." Andrew's heavy boots slam against the ground as he walks towards them. "Of course they're dating. I've never seen anyone more loving than they are. Leave 'em alone, Chloe. Just cause you want in Lawrencey's pants doesn't mean they're not dating." She blushes, tries to defend herself, gives up, and runs off.
"Thank you, Andrew. It's so annoying to have people like her constantly asking if we're together."
"I know you guys aren't really together, Lawrence. I don't get why you're pretending, but if that's what you want, then I'm going to protect that." That's one of the many reasons why Lawrence loves hanging out with Andrew. He doesn't ask too many questions.
"Thank you very much, Andrew. Would you like to come over for supper?" Nicholas flashes a smile that would have most women begging for his children.
"Naw, it's my mom's birthday. She gets really upset if I tell her I can't eat supper with her on her birthday."

So, these character (except Andrew) are characters I was actually planning on using. Andrew came out of nowhere. Literally. I don't know where I got him, but I know where I can fit him. *starts revising* Oh, wait, I'm not done talking about this. So, I'm actually trying to write a story (not gonna call it a novel and then never finish it and be all disappointed with myself). Right now, it's interesting me. I don't really know where it's going to go. Basically, Lawrence has been around since the 1200's (the story's set in modern times). He's...kinda like a vampire (I don't wanna say too much!), but Nicholas (who Lawrence named) is basically there to make sure he doesn't completely mess up everything. Lawrence cusses...a lot. Which I always feel weird about writing because I don't really cuss. Nicholas is really polite to most people, but once he realizes that they're going to be around him a lot and are starting to realize who he kinda is, he drops the act and becomes either observant or sarcastic. Lawrence is generally nice (...I don't believe that. That's how I have it in the little bio that I did before writing anything, but he's become kind of a jerk), but he's got this whole revenge thing going he kills people. Only certain people. And he does it in a very sadistic kind of way. When I get tired of actually writing this story, you guys will get to read the weirdness that comes to me when I write. The kind of stuff that I want to put in the story, but doesn't really fit. Kind of like author written fanfiction! Wooo!!!

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