Sunday, January 20, 2013

That moment when

There's a moment when you realize that everyone you every looked up to was never as perfect as you thought. I get that crashing feeling when I see my father stagger in drunk, when he tells me with slurred speech to not tell Mom. "Yeah, sure, Dad."
"That's a good boy, Kieran." He stumbles into their bedroom. He doesn't say that this will be the last time because it won't. To clear my mind, I head out to the lower section. Gently knocking on Trevor's door, happiness burst open in my stomach. Trevor flings a vase at me, and without much thought I duck and keep walking into the house. He does that when he's in a bad mood. It's aright. Before he can fling something more deadly at me, I grab both of his wrists and hold them above his head. Using the full weight of my body, I pin him to the wall, attacking his neck with rough kisses. He hisses before switching our positions. "You're doing it wrong." He mutters against my skin. I know he'll leave deep red marks.
"Trevor, this isn't what I'm here for." A smile creeps onto his face as he stands back up. The look in his eyes says he doesn't believe me. It's just one of those days.
"Everyone who comes through that door comes through it for sex. Maybe not the first, second, third, or fourth time but eventually. Even Damian." Anger explodes inside of me.
"I'm different. I don't want to buy your body." Gently resting my forehead on his, I whisper, "I want you to happily hand it over to me."

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